Imagined and designed in the 1970s by the Canadian lumberjacks in the far North, the so called "canadian wood stove" was created to deal even with extreme temperatures.
While all wood-burning stoves operate on the principle of radiation, only this type of wood stove works on the principle of natural convection. This is the original and especially ingenious idea of the so called "Canadian wood stove"!
For several decades, the high and proven efficiency of these stoves made it become legendary.


Heating chamber consisting entirely of tubes for a natural convection

wood stove armakys convection


Several styles available with a design tailored to each
wood stove armakys design


The ARMAKYS wood stove works on the principle of natural convection.
The combustion chamber is surrounded by tubes. The cold air of the room goes through the tubes, is heated and blowes out naturally on the top of the tubes. 
This movement allows the production of hot air on the physical principle: hot air is lighter than cold air.
This principle of natural convection requires no mechanical or electric element.


Round glass for the cosy atmosphere and the view of the fire

wood stove armakys glass


Settings for controlling the fire

and reducing wood consumption

wood stove armakys regulation


The so produced hot air is diffused efficiently throughout the volume to be heated, including the ancillary rooms and the upper floors.
And that changes everything!
The whole house is heated, not just the room where the wood stove is installed, as it is the case with radiant wood stoves.
In addition, the absence of any mechanical or electrical elements allows a reliable and autonomous operation and without risk of failure. 


Airtight combustion inlet
wood stove armakys airtight


Filter particles, easily removable and integrated in the body of the heater

wood stove armakys filter particles


ARMAKYS would like to offer a quality product.
The integration of a particulate filter and a airtight connection allow our models to be in compliance with current regulations on the environment and housing.
Customization offers each user a seamless integration from its aesthetic wishes.
The 5 year warranty on all our range reflects the confidence we place in the quality of our products.


Air gap system on the circumference of the glass

wood stove armakys glass


Optionally, version hot water on all models

wood stove armakys hot water